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Frozen beef cheeks cooked sous vide (6 units x 4)

This tender cut of beef will bring softness to your menus. Rich in collagen, it can serve as a natural thickener for your sauces.  

  • 7 kg case (approximately)
  • 300 g per unit (approximately)
  • Canadian beef
  • Certified Aliments préparés au Québec
  • 100% pasteurized
  • Shelf life:
    • 548 days when frozen
    • 10 days once thawed
  • Instructions:
    • The product is already cooked and is packed in a vacuum sealed bag. Leave the product in the bag, place it in a pot of hot water until hot and then serve.
    • Remove the product from the bag for stew recipes

To order:

  • Mayrand Plus Montreal code: 00115 
  • Mayrand Plus Drummondville code: 04326

Gourmet FT, a local business from Berthierville (Lanaudière)