Reserved exclusively for professionals


Coffee produced by the experts, at your fingertips

Coffee matters to you—the quality of the coffee you serve will stick with your clients. You need to ensure that your teams have what they need to serve exceptional coffee with every cup.

Why Choose Hortus?

Hortus is a streamlined collection of coffee blends that have been preselected for you. You can't go wrong, no matter your equipment. We created the collection with our partner to guarantee you the best prices.

Superior-quality Blends | Mayrand Plus

Superior-Quality Blends

Exclusive blends created from hand-picked coffee, harvested only at full ripeness to ensure sweeter, more complex flavours in each cup

Roasted Locally | Mayrand Plus

Roasted Locally

Using indirect heat preserves the flavour of the coffee and prevents it from tasting sour

Consistent Quality at an Affordable Price | Mayrand Plus

Consistent Quality at an Affordable Price

A selection of espresso coffee that has been perfected through regular testing

 Agricultural Practices | Mayrand Plus

Agricultural Practices

Coffee grown in the highlands at an altitude of 1,500 metres, without use of pesticides or insecticides

Freshness | Mayrand PLus


Hortus coffee is roasted and prepared at our partner's facility in Laval in the five days preceding its delivery to Mayrand Plus

Developed for Professional Machines | Mayrand Plus

Developed for Professional Machines

Ground or whole coffee beans packed in 1 kg or 908 g hermetically sealed bags and single-use pocket 57 g and 45 g

The Hortus Product Line

  • Black espresso coffee beans 66150
  • Bar espresso coffee beans 66146
  • Strong espresso coffee beans 64465
  • Strong espresso ground coffee 42 x 45 g, 64462 or 42 x 57 g 64493
  • Balanced espresso coffee beans 64469 or ground 64470
  • Balanced espresso ground coffee 42 x 57 g, 64463 ou 42 x 45 g 64492
  • Moka Djimmah coffee beans 66147
  • Moka crème coffee beans 66143 or ground 66141
  • Black excelso colombian coffee beans 66144 or ground 66142
  • 50-50 excelso colombian coffee beans 66148 or ground 66149
  • Brown excelso colombian coffee beans 66151 or ground 66145
  • Decaffeinated coffee beans 66152