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Mayrand Plus' Exclusive Natural Spring Water from Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

No matter the type of restaurant, serving bottled water helps respect health standards and enhance the taste experience. The beverages you serve are part of your menu's profit equation.

Why Choose Cristelle?

We created the Cristelle brand to offer you a high-quality local water, available plain, sparkling or flavoured at an affordable price. Every aspect of this water, from its extraction to its bottling, is respectful of the environment and of our natural resources.

100% Local | Mayrand Plus

100% Local

Cristelle water is extracted and bottled in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, in Quebec's Mauricie region

Superior Quality | Mayrand Plus

Superior Quality

A natural spring water filled with healthy minerals

Natural | Mayrand Plus


Sparkling spring water carbonated using pure CO2, a natural gas, and enhanced with natural flavours

Environmentally-friendly | Mayrand Plus


Cristelle is packaged in bottles made of biodegradable plastic with recyclable caps

Adapted for All Tables | Mayrand PLus

Adapted for All Tables

Cristelle is packaged in 1 litre bottles, perfect for restaurants and institutions

Taste Profile | Mayrand Plus

Taste Profile

Its balanced taste will please people of all ages

The Saroma Collection | Mayrand Plus

The Cristelle Product Line

  • Unflavoured sparkling spring water
    • Mayrand Plus Montréal Code: 9734106
    • Mayrand Plus Drummondville Code : 34106 
  • Citrus sparkling spring water
    • Mayrand Plus Montréal Code: 9734108
    • Mayrand Plus Drummondville Code : 34108
  • Grapefruit sparkling spring water
    • Code Mayrand Plus Montréal : 9734089
    • Mayrand Plus Drummondville Code: 34089
  • Pear sparkling spring water
    • Code Mayrand Plus Montréal : 64244
    • Mayrand Plus Drummondville Code: 7013