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Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma

Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma

Staple ingredients at the heart of your recipes to ensure profitability and consistency

The Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma consists of 150 food products and ingredients specially developed for the restaurant industry. Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma is one of Mayrand Food Service Group's exclusive brands. Items in the collection can be found in all main grocery and frozen product categories. Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma products are the result of a successful collaboration between our buyers, local suppliers and chefs.

Why Choose Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma?

When you choose Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma, you choose security. We worked with our suppliers to create formats and sizes that are perfect for restaurants and institutions. Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma products are an asset that will allow you to reduce your costs. Each product has been carefully designed to guarantee you professional quality and allow you to generate value.

An Expansive Product Line | Mayrand Plus

An Expansive Product Line

A collection available in all grocery and frozen product categories

Made in Quebec

Each product is prepared with the help of a local partner

Your Go-to Products | Mayrand Plus

Your Go-to Products

Products that fit your needs and are suited to the flavours of Quebec cuisine in particular

 Designed for the Restaurant Industry | Mayrand Plus

Designed for the Restaurant Industry

Formats and recipes created to fulfil your core business needs

Quality and Profitability | Mayrand Plus

Quality and Profitability

Products that process and cook well and reduce your costs

Reliability | Mayrand Plus


We are committed to having a stable supply

Mayrand CHEF Selection Saroma Products

Pizza dough
Breads and bread rolls
Pie shells and crusts
French fries and onion rings

Oils and fats
Sauces and condiments
Soup and sauce bases
Pie filling