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Our Promise

Providing the best in food service to help our local food industry succeed

Our Promise

Why Choose Mayrand Plus?

Mayrand Plus is the first independent food distributor that’s 100% Quebecois. 

It provides professionals in the restaurant and food retail industries as well as the institutional sector with a single point of service, offering them over 8,000 dry, frozen and refrigerated food products, packaging and supplies.

Mayrand Plus’ supply network unites the strengths of Alimplus (active in the food distribution industry for over 40 years) and AOF (located in Drummondville). Its logistics setup and transportation executed by multiple teams allow it to make deliveries province-wide, right to its clients’ doorsteps.

Our values, our ingredients for success

At Mayrand Food Service Group, our identity is shaped by our core values! 

We are guided by five core values: Efficiency, Customer Experience, Synergy, Entrepreneurial Audacity and Passion

Efficiency | Mayrand Plus


The pursuit of excellence and the implementation of optimal processes, methods and solutions are a major objective for us.

To create value, we implement processes carefully and rigorously, right from the start. We are also flexible and adaptable in all situations.

In everything we do, we strive for excellence and learn from our mistakes. That's why we rigorously follow processes to promote success and minimize inefficiencies. At the same time, we are curious and constantly strive to improve.

Customer Experience | Mayrand Plus

Customer Experience

Our priority is to establish personalized relationships, satisfying the needs of our customers and partners by building lasting relationships.

We take a proactive approach to our internal and external customers, as well as to our employees.

In line with established processes, we respond to our customers' needs with customized solutions.

In addition, we adopt a professional, friendly and courteous attitude, and act quickly to resolve problems.

Synergy | Mayrand Plus


To achieve common goals, we collaborate actively and with pride. To do this, we get involved and look for opportunities to foster teamwork.

Active listening enables us to play our part within the team. In addition, we support and collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers, and create a climate of mutual support.

We demonstrate a welcoming and caring attitude. And we encourage opportunities for exchange with team members.

Entrepreneurial Audacity | Mayrand Plus

Entrepreneurial Audacity

We fulfill our obligations to our customers, colleagues, suppliers and community. We are creative, agile and committed to being THE solution.

Our attitude and mindset are those of a leader. We take the initiative, propose creative ideas and put them into practice. We make independent, well-considered decisions.

We are consistent in our words, commitments and actions. And we are committed to achieving results, identifying problems and facilitating their resolution

Our Certifications

Quebec Foods

Food Prepared in Quebec

Our Mayrand Plus warehouses are certified

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