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Trans-Herb E

Breathing Innovation, Awakening the Senses with Trans-Herb E

Trans-Herb E redefines the art of infusion. From teas to herbal teas, their unmatched expertise is unleashed in every delicious sip. Their devotion to quality and innovation will give your customers the opportunity to explore new dimensions of gustatory pleasure, where every sip is a truly authentic adventure into the world of flavors. Discover their exceptional selection of products and dive into a culinary approach that's resolutely innovative.

Expertise to Excellence: Trans-Herb Reinvents your Possibilities

Processed Raw Materials

Trans-Herb carefully selects a wide range of teas, herbs and spices from all corners around the globe. Their tailor-made blends add a personal touch to every taste profile, while their expertise energizes the production chain.

Dazzling private creations

Culinary history comes to life with Trans-Herb. Their technical mastery translates into blends of teas, herbs and spices tailored to each package, infusing a unique signature into every brand.

Gourmet Culinary Experience

Trans-Herb, a partner of renowned establishments, offers tea and herbal tea ranges specifically designed for the needs of restaurants, hotels, caterers, distributors and wholesalers.

Animal Feed Reinvented

Trans-Herb elevates animal welfare. Their exclusive range of herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices and flavors simplifies sourcing and production, meeting the demands of a constantly evolving industry.

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