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Savo’s authentic gelato

SAVO has made us the exclusive distributor of its unique gelato and sorbet offering. Mayrand Plus is increasing its supply of quality local products and reinforcing its role as an independent supplier that is attentive to the needs of Quebec customers.

SAVO products

Gelato | Mayrand Plus

Dark chocolate, maple, Nutella, cookie dough, black cherry, pistachio, caramel coulis, cherry coulis

Vegan options: dark chocolate, salted caramel

Keto options: chocolate, coconut

Savo Fruit Sorbet | Mayrand Plus
Fruit Sorbet

Lemon, lemon-mint, strawberry, strawberry-basil, pear, raspberry, mango, passion fruit, blackberry

Gelato Mix | Mayrand Plus
Gelato Mix

Lemon, strawberry, raspberry, mango, dark chocolate, maple, Nutella