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Maison Riviera, the master of discovery and delight

Riviera is changing and revolutionizing the world of dairy products, offering creations with a unique, refined taste, perfectly suited to foodservice. Innovation is in the DNA of this brand. Explore a range of lactose-free products, specially designed to meet your customers most demanding needs.

Taste, curiosity and know-how: Maison Riviera’s recipe for success

The Quebec art of living

Riviera is an invitation to discovery and an introduction to new flavours, with well-being, health and enjoyment at the core of its creations. When Riviera products are involved, your recipes are bound to be a hit!

Innovation propelled by passion

Discover new products whose unique and refined taste are the result of Riviera's passion for innovation. Create and then continuously improve and perfect: this is the time-tested credo that has earned the company multiple distinctions (awards from CTAQ, DUX and the Retail Council of Canada).

A local and responsible company | Mayrand Plus

Photo Credits: Maison Riviera by Laiterie Chalifoux

A local and responsible company

Maison Riviera promotes sound and sustainable agriculture, continues to raise industry standards, and cares for people and their well-being. Concrete actions: quality milk collected within a radius of 60 km, eco-responsible production (coconut milk), SQF and HACCP certifications, and more.

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