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Alasko, the leader in frozen fruits and vegetables for food service

Made with fruits and vegetables picked and frozen in season, Alasko products are of the highest quality. Available year-round, they offer stable prices, a steady supply and guaranteed profitability. They are easy to use and suitable for all your recipes.

Why Alasko?

When you choose Alasko frozen fruits and vegetables, you choose quality and consistency. Thanks to its supply chain in over 30 countries, you benefit from the best products selected for freezing. The IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) process is carried out right after harvest to guarantee freshness and quality.

Guaranteed supply

To give you the security of receiving your products, Alasko relies on its network of 100 select producers and processors in over 30 countries.

Controlled quality

Alasko and its suppliers work together to meet specifications exceeding the usual standards. From the choice of varieties suitable for freezing to their preparation, everything is included.

Certified products

Aliments du Québec, Aliments préparés du Québec and Kosher are among the certifications regularly obtained by Alasko.

Recognized compliance

Facility inspections ensure compliance with Canadian Food Inspection Agency and US Food and Drug Administration regulations. Industrial units are GFSI and HACCP certified.

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