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About Saputo

Saputo’s commitment to working with restaurants dates back to its early days. In 1954, with only $500 worth of equipment and a bicycle for deliveries, the Saputo family founded their very own company, which bears their name. Saputo quickly established itself in Montréal's Italian community. From there, the business grew. Saputo began offering additional varieties of cheese in more formats and brands as well as other dairy and non-dairy products. And the company acquired several manufacturing plants and developed a national distribution network. Today, Saputo is one of the top ten dairy processors in the world and is a leading cheese manufacturer and fluid milk and cream process or in Canada.

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Pizza Mozzarella | Mayrand Plus

Pizza Mozzarella

Evenly spread blisters when cooked
Golden colour and Full and clean flavour
Soft texture
Good sliceability

Brie | Mayrand Plus


Soft surface ripened cheese
White, bloomy rind
Supple body
Slightly fruity taste

Haloumi Saputo | Mayrand Plus


Made from pasteurized milk
Unripened, semi-soft cheese
Excellent for grilling as it does not melt

Cheeses for Everyone

20% Pizza Mozzarella Cheese

With a full, clean flavour, golden colour, soft texture and exceptional stretch,
Mozzabella 20% M.F. Pizza Mozzarella cheese block offers versatility for all your requirements.

Brie cheeses

Brie cheese’s bloomy rind, as well as its supple, rich and slightly fruity body makes it a best friend of sandwiches, entrees and sauces. Saputo’s Brie cheeses are made with single, double and triple cream in traditional round and even square formats for the perfect slice.

Photo credits: Saputo Foodservice

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