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Les viandes CDS inc

Les viandes CDS inc

Les Viandes CDS, a vast selection at your fingertips

Les Viandes CDS Inc. sells a wide range of processed meats and cold cuts. Cooked, smoked, breakfast-style or toupie hams, as well as different types of pepperoni, salami, mock chicken, bacon, bologna and cretons, are available to cater to the needs of the restaurant industry. Mayrand CHEF and Saroma deli meats are the result of Mayrand Plus’s partnership with Les Viandes CDS Inc.  

A tasty variety without compromising on quality

Cretons CDS | Mayrand Plus

Cretons... eat ‘em up!

Cretons are part of Quebec's culinary heritage and are unique to our province. Les Viandes CDS Inc. offers a gluten-free version of this pork, onion and spice spread to suit all tastes.

Ham sandwich | Mayrand Plus

Quality products

Certified by the CFIA and HACCP provincial and federal institutions, Les Viandes CDS Inc. respects the highest standards with rigorous quality control at every manufacturing and processing stage.

Ham CDS | Mayrand Plus

Ham: it’s a must!

Ham is a versatile food that’s low in fat and high in protein! Easy to prepare, this product can be used in menus for both restaurants and institutions (daycares, childcare centres, etc.).

Photo credits: Les Viandes CDS Inc.

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