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High Liner

High Liner: constant innovation

Always on the lookout for new flavours and ways to integrate fish and seafood in the restaurant industry, High Liner offers healthy, quality products.

Everything you need to treat your customers with High Liner products

Shrimp in all forms

White Pacific, tempura battered, Buffalo style, coconut battered, popcorn battered, black tiger and Tiki Island shrimp

Ready-to-serve fish

In stick, bite, nugget or fish cake format

Fillets and loins for your seafood menus

Sole, cod, haddock, tilapia, pangasius

Sure bets

Rainbow trout and Pacific, Atlantic, cubed, smoked glazed pink or parmesan-crusted salmon

Photo Credits: High Liner Foodservice

Do you need inspiration?

Buffalo shrimp fajitas, beet and apple salad with shrimp, sautéed select garlic and herbs, apple smoked salmon flatbread and much more...

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